NZ Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Action Plan

The New Zealand Ministry of Health has recently release its ‘Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Action Plan 2017-2021’.  It contributes to achieving the overall vision of the New Zealand Health Strategy and specifically for mental health and addiction, this means enabling people to thrive and experience wellbeing wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.

‘This Action Plan recognises the importance of a combined effort to address the social determinants of health by working across health, justice and social sectors to ensure equitable positive outcomes for all New Zealanders.

It includes actions to develop a workforce with the right skills, knowledge, competencies and attitudes needed to design and deliver integrated and innovative responses.

The actions outlined in this action plan will support the development of the primary health care, community and specialist workforce to be well equipped, integrated, competent and capable to focus on improving health and wellbeing. It will guide decisions about investment and resourcing for the next five years and is relevant to all people working to improve outcomes for those with mental health and addiction issue’.

You can access a copy of the plan here, Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Plan 20017-2021    or  visit  the website of the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

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