Recognising and Celebrating Nurses in Primary Care

APNANurseAwardsLOGO_bannerWe talk about recognition; we talk about acknowledgment; we talk about celebrating our profession

  • Are you being recognised?
  • Is your colleague being acknowledged?
  • When are nurses in primary health care celebrated?

The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association is pleased to present the APNA Nurse Awards.  Building on a nine year history of the Best Practice Awards in Nursing, the APNA Nurse of the Year and APNA Recently Graduated Nurse of the Year awards will recognise nurses working in primary health care who have excelled in their local communities. By simplifying the awards framework, these awards are a platform to showcase the work of outstanding primary health care nurses.

An estimated 80,000 nurses work in primary health care out of 360,000 nurses registered in Australia.  Recognition among your peers is the first step towards broader recognition, and the best way to build recognition is from within.  You are the primary health care nursing profession; you are the heart of primary health care and you are so important to the health of our country.

The APNA Nurse Awards will showcase the significance of primary health care nurses to the community, and these nurses will act as ambassadors for your profession.  For more information, click on this link.

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