Presentations from the 2017 DANA ‘Endurance’ Forum 

Cog. Impairment. What’s the Big Deal… Jo Lunn

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in an Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Setting… C Heyes

Electronic Cigarettes in D&A Users Who Smoke… C Mendelsohn

The Role of Nursing in Addiction Medicine… J Saunders

A Managed Alcohol Program for Sydney’s Homeless… C Day

Vicarious Resilience… K Willock

 Presentations from the 2016 DANA NSW Nurses’ Forum 







Guidelines on the management of co-occurring alcohol and other drug and mental health conditions in alcohol and other drug treatment settings (2nd edition)


Walk on the Wildside (WOWS9) Symposium 2016 – speakers’ presentations

These presentations were delivered at the 2016 WOWS9 Symposium held in Brisbane in May 2016.

01 – Working with Couples and Families B O’Neill

02 – Problem Gambling Demystified Ogonowski & Tometzki

03 – Weeding out the Myths D Allsop

04 – Medicinal Cannabis in Qld G Perry

05 – Combined Abstract Session

06 -Rx Opiods and Doctor Shopping Behaviour B Loveday

07- Opening Pandora’s Box D Walsh

08 – Crystal Clear N Ognenovitis

Presentations from the WOWS9 Dinner:

MAT in Australia M Farrell

MAT in UK and Australia J Bell


NSW Nurses’ Forum 2014 – speakers’ presentations

Fentanyl – NSW Nurses Forum Sept 2014_JL

Mendelsohn C, Montebello ME. Smokers with mental illness. Breaking down the myths. MedicineToday 2013_ 14(8) 53-57

talk to NSW D and A Nurses forum (5 Sept 2014)

New / Updated Policies 2016-2017

DANA Scholarship Policy 2016

New Policies 2014

The DANA Management Committee presents four new policies:


Media Releases

Media release Dec DANA_FINAL ACN

 1. DANA Strategic Plan

Read DANA’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2018….


DANA has a Strategic Plan in place for 2012-2015, which can be viewed  here .

2. DANA Constitution

Follow this link to access the dana-constitution-2013

3. Member Newsletters


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4. DANA Manuals

DANA Policies and Procedures Manual 2012 to 2015

DANA Operations Manual 2012 to 2015


5. Credentialling and Certification

DANA Pathways to Credentialling Program Australia

DANA Re-Credentialling Application Package Australia

DANA Pathways to Advanced Certification Program Aoteoroa New Zealand

DANA Re-Certification Application Package Aoteoroa New Zealand


Summary of Credentialling Survey Results

6. Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs: Clinical Guidelines for Nurses and Midwives. Version 3. 2012

7. Australian National Guidelines for Medication – Assisted Treatment of Opioid Dependence 2014



8. New Zealand Practice Guidelines for Opioid Substitution Treatment 2014


9. Governance of DANA

The Code of Conduct and requirements for Ethical Conduct supported by DANA and required of all DANA members and Volunteers are fully outlined in the following documents:

Code of Conduct Booklet for Nurses in New Zealand

Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia

Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia


10. DANA Position Statements 

Problematic Substance Use by Nurses and Midwives Revised 2017

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Revised 2017

DANA Position Statement Problematic Substance Use by Nurses and Midwives

DANA Position Statement FASD

DANA Position Statement on E-Cigarettes 2017